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At Snip, our skilled hairstylists provide exceptional cutting and styling services, without the use of nasty chemicals, and without the hefty price tag. The prices below are current from 31st March 2014. Please read the disclaimers below, as there are a few things that we do have to insist on, which may affect the price you pay for your haircut!

Not sure what to ask for? Check out our glossary for a range of different hair cuts that we can provide for you.

Remember, we don't take appointments at Snip – so just come on in! 

Men's Styling
Woman's Styling
Clipper Shave
Trim One Length
Clipper Sides & Back
Layered Cut
Scissor Cut
Wash & Blowwave
Wash, Cut & Blowwave

Kid's Styling

Same price as for adults


We always aim to give you the best value haircuts, but in some cases we need to be extra firm about pricing and details. We know that everyone is different, and hair grows at different speeds etc etc ..... but please note: 

POA = Price on application. The price will range from $30 to $60 depending on the style desired, hair type and the service necessary (ie use of dryer, straighteners etc). The salon manager will consult with you and indicate the price for your service.

Hair washing = In order to ensure the quality of our haircuts, our stylists may insist on a hairwashing service prior to a haircut, if there is excess hair product present or the hair has not been washed recently. Build up of product or natural oils can effect the ability of the stylist to accurately cut the hair. This request is at the discretion of the stylist, and we strongly advise you to go along with our suggestion, otherwise the end result cannot be guaranteed. But hey, if you don't want to pay the extra $5 for our lovely relaxing hair wash with yummy organic shampoo, feel free to wash your hair before coming in!

Restyle = A restyle price will apply if the hair hasn't been cut for approx 12 weeks for men, and approx 16 weeks for ladies, of course depending on hair style and type. Also if you are dramatically changing your style then it's a restyle price for that too. We aren't trying to fleece you, but it simply does take significantly longer for our stylists to reestablish a style that has grown out for too long. 

One length trim = This price is applicable if the hair is cut to one length, all over! If you are wanting shaping around the face, please expect to be charged a little extra for our extended time and effort!

Oh and by the way, late afternoons are our busiest time and we'll often encourage you to come in earlier in the day to shorten or eliminate your wait time. Also, we try to avoid it of course, but we may turn you away 20 minutes before closing just so our team can complete their work for the day and get home on time.

Thanks for understanding and we hope to see you soon! Contact us!

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