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Are you not sure what to ask for or do you get tangled up in terms you don’t understand? Of course you are welcome to just pop in and ask, but we hope this glossary might help you out so you're all ready go when you come in!

At Snip we love to deliver, so being clear and concise about what you're looking for will make sure you get exactly what you want, in no time at all!

Snip Styling Terms
Blow Wave
Washed, dried and styled either straight, natural or waved, lasts for several days if kept dry.
Strong geometric line.
Short, straight cut ending in a blunt line, between ear and chin in length, can be blow-dried and curled under, left straight or flicked out. Inverted bob is shorter at the back.
Clipper Sides & Back
Clipper cut on back and sides (tapered) and cut reasonably short on top with scissors.
Clipper Shave
Cut short entirely with clippers using guards of varying sizes.
Base of the neck.
Page Boy
Cut between chin and shoulder-length, with some layers.
Hair is cut and arranged in a manner dramatically different from existing style.
Scissor Cut
All over cut with scissors
Working different lengths into the hairstyle to break up solid edges
Trim Length One
Hair of shoulder length or longer trimmed up to 2 inches in a blunt line.
Trim Layered
Hair on different parts of the head is cut to approximately all the same length creating texture.
Hair cut progressively shorter towards the nape of the head.

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